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Ground & Focus: Coffin Nails in Witchcraft

As a practitioner of the Strange Arte, (and a Scorpio moon and midheaven lol!) I've always been drawn to the enigmatic allure of coffin nails. These potent tools carry a rich history and a powerful energy that resonates deeply with my practice.

Coffin nails have long been intertwined with the rituals of death and burial, serving as guardians of the departed on their journey to the afterlife. For witches, they represent a connection to the cycles of life, death, and rebirth—a tangible reminder of the eternal dance of the cosmos.

In the hands of the sorcerer, coffin nails become more than mere hardware; they are conduits for magick, channels for intention, and vessels for transformation. Their metaphysical properties are as diverse as the spells we weave, offering protection, banishment, and empowerment in equal measure.

In my craft, coffin nails are versatile tools that can be employed in a myriad of ways to manifest our desires and ward off negativity. Whether buried at the crossroads to sever ties with the past, or placed beneath the threshold to fortify our sacred space, their energies are ever-present, ever-potent.

For instance, I use coffin nails in my jewelry, crafting talismans that serve as guardians during the tumultuous journey of transformation. The liminal space between endings and new beginnings can be fraught with uncertainty and discomfort. In these moments, coffin nails act as steadfast allies, grounding me and sharpening my focus amidst the swirling energies of change. They are my sword and shield, guiding me through the darkness and illuminating the path forward.

As witches, we understand the importance of embracing the tools of our craft with reverence and respect. Coffin nails, with their storied history and potent energies, are no exception. By tapping into their metaphysical essence and weaving them into our magical practice, we can unlock new realms of possibility and transformation.

I’m speaking from my perspective and my craft specifically. There are many ways practitioners from other cultures and backgrounds would use coffin nails in their practice.

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