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About ZsuZsu

My name is Heather. I’m a Draconic Trad/Folk Witch. I started ZsuZsu about 5 years ago in my kitchen and about 6 years ago in my heart. From adolescence, I've travelled this crooked path through Draconic, Poisons, Folk, and most recently found my home with Modern Traditional methods of sorcery. I feel my truest connection with the Old One and Spirits of the Forest. 

Wild Forest


It is my deepest wish to help others on their journeys to fully embrace their gifts, especially their darkness. It is within our darkness we are shown our infinite wisdom and the spirits who aide us in our quests for higher knowledge. From the darkness we came and to the deep, dark, Unseen we return.


All offerings are handmade with love and the best quality ingredients, energy, and care I have to offer. My ultimate goal is to provide effective and aesthetically pleasing products that inspire and invigorate you with their magick.  

Rock Scum
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