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Coffin Nail Earrings

Coffin Nail Earrings

Crafted for transformation and protection. Can be worn for magickal purposes or as statement earrings. Especially for those who feel close to the serpent animal spirit. Each pair is consecrated with smoke while evoking my spirits’ aid in their empowerment.

4.5 inches top of hook to bottom of nail Small

5 inches top of hook to bottom of nail Large

Ethically sourced bones and handcrafted nails from fellow small business owners. These are not authentic coffin nails but are crafted in this style. Real coffin nails are rare and hard to find as they’re no longer used in modern burial.

Silver hardware.

Bones are white but the oils from your skin will change the color of the bones over time. I think it adds character but please keep this in mind if you plan to purchase and this may bother you.

🌟Standard Shipping times are 1-2 weeks.

Custom orders are 1-3 weeks.

An abundance of custom orders and issues with USPS may delay further in some cases. 🌟

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