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Wild Mugwort Ritual Oil

Wild Mugwort Ritual Oil

Crafted for aid in spirit flight and second sight.

Contains harvested local mugwort from my property, decocted into oil.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

Mugwort is believed to stimulate and enhance psychic abilities, intuition, and lucid dreaming. It is often used by practitioners of divination and meditation to deepen their connection to the Unseen.

Artemisia is renowned for its association with dreams and the astral realm. It is commonly used to enhance dream recall, promote vivid and prophetic dreams, and facilitate spirit flight.

Mugwort is also used in rituals and ceremonies for purification and cleansing purposes. Burning dried mugwort as incense or smoke cleansing with mugwort is believed to clear away stagnant or negative energies.

Each green dropper bottle is 15ml

All offerings are ethereal born, intuitively made, and blessed by my Spirits.

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