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Velvet Night Ritual Mist

Velvet Night Ritual Mist

Step into the serene embrace of Velvet Night, where every spritz of this ritual mist is a gentle invitation to deep sleep and relief from anxiety and stress. Enchanted with a soothing incantation, it weaves a cocoon of tranquility around you. Infused with calming, therapeutic grade essential oils like lavender and marjoram, Velvet Night creates a serene atmosphere that effortlessly lulls you into peaceful slumber while releasing the burdens of the day.

My son especially enjoys the comforting ritual of having his pillow and bed sprayed with this mist. It's not just for sleep; it also transforms into a magical "Monster Spray," ensuring that nightmares stay far away. This dual-purpose mist brings him comfort and peace, turning bedtime into a delightful adventure filled with imagination. We love it!

Each mist comes in a 2oz amber glass spray bottle

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