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The Old One Devotional Oil

The Old One Devotional Oil

Witch Father

Wild Adversary

Old One...

Of Wind & Storm

Of Earth & Bone

The breath of life and devouring death

Guide me betwixt the eternal... into the Hollow.

Barefoot upon the Ghost Roads,

I follow.

Crafted for devotion to the Master of Witches

You may charge it with any intention of your choosing, done so in his name, or use it solely for this purpose alone. It can be used to anoint ritual tools, in ritual bath, or the divine temple of the body.

The months spent in deep devotion over this offering has propelled me forward and yet downward into myself. There are no words to describe this connection. It can only be experienced. It brings me the greatest joy to offer this to others in hopes you may experience this deepening into your bodies and the land as well.

15ml dropper bottle is green, filled with oils and organic herbs.

Please approach with respect and reverence when working within and amongst the Unseen.

All offerings are ethereal born, intuitively made, and blessed by my Spirits.

If any irritation occurs, please discontinue use and consult your physician.

🌟Standard Shipping times are 1-2 weeks.

Custom orders are 1-3 weeks.

An abundance of custom orders and issues with USPS may delay further in some cases. 🌟

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