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beeswax chime candles with drippng wax , snakeskin and breaching carving on the side

The Offering Ritual Chimes

Crafted as offering for approaching the door to The Other, dressed with snake skin and soy wax, carved breaching talisman and dressed with dragons blood. Chimes are made of pure beeswax.

Comes with small jar of herbs for dressing if you so wish, to earn their Gude favor.

During your working or ritual expect some enhanced libido, as I’ve found working with serpent energy has that effect at times. I’ll often use this to empower my work. But you can approach channeling this however you like.

Words were whispered over each batch to significantly enhance their intention.

Purchase comes with 2 chime candles, each measuring 4 inches tall by .5 inches wide.

🌟Standard Shipping times are 1-2 weeks.

Custom orders are 1-3 weeks.

An abundance of custom orders and issues with USPS may delay further in some cases. 🌟

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