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The Morrigan Devotional Chimes

The Morrigan Devotional Chimes

Crafted for devotion to The Morrigan.

In Celtic mythology, the Morrigan is often depicted as a trio of goddesses, each with her own unique attributes and roles. These three goddesses (Macha Badb, & Anann) are collectively known as the Morrigan, and they are sometimes referred to as sisters or aspects of a singular entity.

Together, Macha, Badb, and Anann form a powerful triad within the Morrigan, embodying different aspects of war, fate, sovereignty, and the natural world. Their collective influence reflects the complexities of human existence and the intricate relationships between humans, the divine, and the environment.

Comes with 2 chimes dressed with herbs and soy wax, attached is her sigil (my sigil for her) written in dragons blood.

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