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black chime candles with white soy wax dripping down the side and small parchment with the elpahme cross drawn on it in dragons blood ink.

Elphame Ritual Chimes

Crafted for connecting to Elphame and offering to the Fay or those on a Trad Path.

Black chime candle with soy and beeswax drippings, snake skin, and an Elphame cross drawn on burnt parchment in dragons blood ink. Pieces of copper flake are dusted over them as well.

Words were whispered over each batch to significantly enhance their intention.

Purchase comes with 2 chime candles, each measuring 4 inches tall by .5 inches wide.

🌟Standard Shipping times are 1-2 weeks.

Custom orders are 1-3 weeks.

An abundance of custom orders and issues with USPS may delay further in some cases. 🌟

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